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Similarly, greater font size will result in a document with more pages as will a larger font type such as Lucida Sans as opposed to one written in Calibri font of the same size.

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These include the spacing between sentences and individual words, the font type, and the font size.

A paper with single spacing will have fewer pages than one with double spacing.

You can choose having a 5 paragraph essay or divide all your thoughts into different paragraphs.

Take note that the more paragraphs are in your essay, the better.

However, for various reasons, the length of your paper matters too.

A considerable number of tutors will give an assignment with instructions on the number of words required.It is designed with the concepts of simplicity and ease of use in mind, so you don’t have to struggle to find your way around it or think a lot about what you are required to do.With this tool, you will know your paper word count early so as to ensure that you don’t write or order and submit a paper that is too short or excessively long. The number of words that make up a page varies depending on a number of formatting factors.This is especially useful since most online writing services will require this information when you are ordering a paper, thesis, dissertation, or professional writing service.This easy to use tool works by taking the number of words you need for your work, the type of font you prefer, the font size, and the required spacing and calculating the number of pages needed for your paper.This is essential because you want to follow the instructions your tutor has provided.The consequences of not doing so could be mild or dire depending on the importance of the task given and the tutor.Calculated using APA format (Font: Arial or Times New Roman, 12 pt.One thing that students must do during their academic lives is writing a 1000 words essay.To get a clearer picture of exactly how much writing you will need to do, it helps to convert number of words into pages.When your school or professional writing task comes with restrictions on the number of pages or words that you need to write, it is important to know how many words make up a page.


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