2006 Media Essay

Rebecca Mac Kinnon, former correspondent for CNN, has immersed herself in the world of new media and she's seen the light (great linker too.) Micro Persuasion is Steve Rubel's weblog.

It's about how blogs and participatory journalism are changing the business of persuasion. Susan Mernit's blog is "writing and news about digital media, ecommerce, social networks, blogs, search, online classifieds, publishing and pop culture from a consultant, writer, and sometime entrepeneur." Connected.

It's about trends and challenges facing editors worldwide.

uk keeps track of developments from the British side of the Atlantic. Digests & Round-ups: Memeorandum: Single best way I know of to keep track of both the news and the political blogosphere.

Fishbowl DC is about the world of Washington journalism.

Gossip, controversies, rituals, personalities-- and criticism. Good way to keep track of the press tribe in DC PJ Net Today is written by Leonard Witt and colleagues. Betsy Newmark's weblog she describes as "comments and Links from a history and civics teacher in Raleigh, NC." An intelligent and newsy guide to blogs on the Right side of the sphere.

It argues that, after Jayson Blair, authority is not the same at the New York Times, either. Dave Winer is the software wiz who wrote the program that created the modern weblog.

"Web Users Open the Gates." My take on ten years of Internet journalism, at Read: Q & As Jay Rosen, interviewed about his work and ideas by journalist Richard Poynder Achtung! Jay Rosen explains the Web's "ethic of the link" in this four-minute You Tube clip. He's also one of the best practicioners of the form.

Dan Froomkin's White House Briefing at is a daily review of the best reporting and commentary on the presidency.

Read it daily and you'll be extremely well informed.


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