4 Problem Solving Steps

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Goal: For this first conversation in particular you're making sure students understand the meaning of the 4 different steps.

While some steps might sometimes be categorized in two ways, use this chance to talk about that ambiguity.

We solve problems all the time, but we don't often think about how we're solving problems.

Having a strategy or process to approach lots of different kinds of problems can make you a more thoughtful, creative, and successful problem solver.

Students are then shown the four steps of the problem solving process and work together to relate these abstract steps to their actual experiences solving problems.

First students relate these steps to the aluminum boats problem from the previous lesson, then a problem they are good at solving, then a problem they want to improve at solving.

Make Categories: You may want to group problems into larger categories during this conversation and invite students to help you do so.

For example, if two suggestions are "finding my keys" and "finding my homework" suggest a larger category of "finding lost things".

Step 3: Ask students to select one type of problem that they think they're really good at solving.

Use the list of problems already on the board to help students think of their type of problem.


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