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Additionally, many Americans still know these names and the accomplishments attached to them.

Additionally, many Americans still know these names and the accomplishments attached to them.But, in recent decades, the most respected and famous names are individuals who have had virtually no positive impact upon society. They are people such as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Ray Lewis.

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Putnam is of the view that the society stands guilty for worshipping the false god of athletic talent (80).

Athletes and celebrities are influential role models in the lives of students.

By 1948 more than 4345 Stearman aircraft was used for agricultural flying.

His contributions to the aviation industry won him a place in the National Aviation Hall of Fame in Dayton, Ohio in 1989.

One area of a child’s development that celebrity role models affect is moral development.

Originally, American society promoted figures whose behavior and accomplishments were morally upright.,” “Moral qualifications in particular are unimportant and irrelevant—it is being well known that matters not moral character.” This statement does not mean that all celebrities are immoral, as many do promote moral values and causes, but children are exposed to many negative influences in the celebrities society pushes at them.Take an example of a celebrity who Disney touted as a model for children, Miley Cyrus.Every child learned the example of Abraham Lincoln, who could not tell a lie.Schools and other socializing institutions used these figures to teach children the morals that they should adopt and imitate.Most people who are adored and emulated by youngsters, in particular, are celebrities and professional athletes.Role models are defined by Robyn Silverman, a child development specialist, as “people who others imitate, emulate or look to for guidance” (Silverman par. Inasmuch as there are good or positive role models, evidently, there are also others who provide negative impact and influence to those who were tagged as “"bad girls" or "bad boys" who serve as good examples of what NOT to do if you want to become a successful, respected person... Pros and Cons of celebrities in marketing campaigns Thesis ment The celebrity endorser is a ubiquitous feature of modern marketing and millions of dollars are spent annually on celebrity endorsements contracts.That resulted from videos of her smoking a drug from a bong, taking controversial sexualized photographs for a magazine, and performing sexualized dance routines while still under the age of eighteen. One does not become famous for performing as a positive role model but by performing controversial acts in which children should not engage, acts such as drug use and the sexualization of children.Another area of the child’s development that celebrity affects is intellectual development.Writers who achieved fame early in American history were known for the excellence of their intellect. To be famous, a child would want to imitate the intellectual accomplishments of these figures.Now, the celebrities that children seek to imitate “aren’t particularly well-educated and informed. Professional Athletes and Celebrities as Role Models People in the limelight are considered role models due to their various activities and behavior being exposed to the public’s eyes.


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