A Personal Statement Is Defined As

One thing is that it is your chance to get your application out from the crowd of your competitors.

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Writing personal statement is an important task for every applicant; this piece may decide the fate of a person.

There are two reasons why this kind of writing should be prepared carefully.

Don’t feel the need to go above and beyond what you already know by trying something a little too out there.

Perhaps your teacher has told you to steer clear of too much technical detail and to prioritise personal details over showing off your knowledge.

But since you’re at the school level of your studies, admissions tutors don’t expect too much novelty from you.

In fact, if you attempt to propose unusual or unique ideas in your statement, you might be shooting yourself in the foot.Some subjects lend themselves to theorising and offering your own opinion. One teacher clearly did not have a full grasp on this.They said that this statement While the teacher criticised it for containing “more theory than analysis…lots of opinion and theorising”, the admissions tutor commended the statement for showing “excellent evidence of intellectual curiosity” and called it a “good account of how the applicant responded to being stretched”.This particular teacher said that the following paragraph contained “too much medical information” and was “too long and impersonal”.They reckoned that it would “Whilst shadowing in GI surgery, I observed a necrotic pancreatitis patient in severe septic shock who required a pancreatectomy.As long as you ground your opinion in work that has already been done rather than simply speculating on your own (see Point 2 above), theorising is a very good way to demonstrate your potential to tutors.With UK tuition fees and visa restrictions becoming more prohibitive, rival universities in mainland Europe, ranked similarly to UK universities in the World University Rankings, are competing to attract international students.A statement will help to properly submit this information and make the emphasis on your strengths.The question of how long should a personal statement be is not relevant at this point.Don’t say something that everyone will say, and don’t just define the aims of the field.Universities are all about pushing the boundaries of what we know and understand, using original thought, examples and arguments.


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