A Raisin In The Sun Thesis On Dreams

A Raisin In The Sun Thesis On Dreams-57
Each of them wants to make different things, want to pass money in different manner.Here money came from Lena’s husband’s decease insurance. Younger and she was caput of household after decease of Mr.When Lena acquire 10000 dollar’s cheque she decided to purchase a 3000 dollar’s house in Clybourne Park where all neighbours are white.

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IN this drama chief characters are Lena, Walter, Ruth, and Beneath Younger.

All lives in same house but their heads are wholly different.

They all Mama, Walter, Beneath had different dreams in get downing but after losing money on Walter ‘s dream Walter and his married woman Ruth ruined their dreams and Walter ‘s sister Beneath was besides approximately to destroy her dream but with aid of her friend she someway managed to carry through her dream. Younger’s dream merely to acquire their ain new house which has yard excessively. Lindner was local white leader of country where younger bought their new place. Lindner ) didn’t want younger to travel to Clybourne country as their tegument was black. Lindner tried to acquire house back via giving payoff, inquiring younger to sell it at higher monetary value and even by endangering them. Younger’s dream house, younger’s been non in temper of losing the house and fight back with Mr. In this fight whole household stood together for Mrs.

There was another job excessively on younger household except money job. Younger’s dream as they realized the value of household and relationship after Walter acquiring lose in concern and Beneath found her manner.

Younger and she was spiritual, moral and consecutive adult female. Walter was a dreamer and wanted to go rich every bit shortly as possible and wants to get his family’s wealth for his concern with his friends.

Beneatha is Walter’s sister and Mama ( Lena’s ) girl.

Besides Beneatha wanted to make medical internship with Asagai in Nigeria which is Asagai’s fatherland.

Till this phase, we can see Walter younger got his bend to carry through his dream but he can non carry through it as his friends cheated him.

Lena’s dreams were consecutive frontward and simple with maintaining all household members’ dreams in head.

She did all things as planned and surprised household with it. All became happy after cognizing about Lena’s measure except Walter.


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