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Certain courses taken in other departments may count toward the major, with the approval of the director of undergraduate studies (DUS).

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With assistance from their faculty advisors, students are required to build an intellectually substantial and coherent curriculum and must take all courses for a letter grade and earn a C or better in major requirements. Prerequisites: AS.040.205 Corequisites: NA Instructor(s): M.

A student with prior Latin or Greek proficiency may enroll directly in an intermediate or advanced level course, and the prerequisite lower-level courses may be waived, provided that this enrollment is first approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department Chair, or the faculty member overseeing the course in which the student wishes to enroll. Freshman Seminar: Archaeology at the Crossroads: The Ancient Eastern Mediterranean through Objects in the JHU Archaeological Museum. This seminar investigates the Eastern Mediterranean as a space of intense cultural interaction in the Late Bronze Age, exploring how people, ideas, and things not only came into contact but deeply influenced one another through maritime trade, art, politics, etc. Gender and Sexuality in Early Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean. In this course we will explore evidence and interpretations of gender and sexuality in the region of the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean during the third and second millennia BCE. Special Opportunities in Undergraduate Learning: Constructing an Empire: An Introduction to the Art & Archaeology of Ancient Rome. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to stroll down the colonnaded streets of ancient Rome, visiting the monuments, palaces and temples of the ancient gods? Reading ability in classical Greek is developed through a study of various authors.

(See also Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree.) The B. program in classics is highly flexible, accommodating a variety of interests in and approaches to the ancient world. Although emphasis is still placed on development of rapid comprehension, readings and discussions introduce student to study of Latin literature, principally through texts of various authors.

Possible areas of emphasis include language and literature, ancient philosophy, art and archaeology, and ancient history. Prerequisites: AS.040.107 AND AS.040.108 OR Equivalent Corequisites: NA Instructor(s): J.

Universities in Scotland traditionally tended to take students with only NQ Higher or A-level qualifications, but many have since begun to take students with qualifications gained elsewhere in the UK or, as with the University of Glasgow, for example; an International Baccalaureate and American qualifications such as a High School Diploma in combination of SAT/ACT scores and SAT Subject Tests or Advanced Placement exams.

Advanced Highers were introduced to replace the Sixth Year Studies Certificate (often abbreviated to CSYS or just SYS).

The classics department enjoys close ties with several local and regional institutions whose missions include the study of the ancient world, including the Walters Art Museum, with its world-class collection of antiquities and manuscripts; the Baltimore Museum of Art, with its Roman mosaics; and the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, D. Internationally, it is a member of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, the American Academy in Rome, and the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome. Prerequisites: NA Corequisites: NA Instructor(s): E. These are places where water had a unique and powerful meaning, where boat travel was part of daily life, where palaces flourished and where contact with other societies implied voyages of great distance across the sea. From Apollo to Dionysus: Ritual, Performance, and the Genesis of Tragedy. This course explores the origins and development of what is often regarded as the most exemplary form of western art–Classical Athenian Tragedy. Prerequisites: NA Corequisites: NA Instructor(s): M.

The department’s main scholarly resource is the Milton S. Surviving imagery suggests that persons in Minoan and Mycenaean societies engaged in various celebratory performances, including processions, feasts, and ecstatic dance. Class combines close study of material culture and consideration of island-specific interpretive paradigms; students work with artifacts in the JHU Archaeological Museum. Focusing on the ritual, performative, and civic contexts of Greek song culture, it ultimately seeks to pose the question ‘what makes Athens unique? To this end, the courses is centered on an examination of texts in tandem with material culture (monumental architecture, temples, dedications, statuary, vase painting).

Some English Universities, such as Oxford University and Cambridge University, have begun to take into account the wider syllabus involved in studying Advanced Highers and have been giving slightly lower conditions for entry into their institutions.

Oxford University's admissions forms require schools to comment on the percentage of students achieving the top grades in examinations, presumably to provide contextual background to the achievements of a particular student.


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