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This is not just limited to the things mentioned above.Social networking is another part of it, which has helped this world to turn into global village.Everyone can now post their inner feelings on social media and can raise voice against evil together.

The devices were sensitive and quite complicated back then.

If we look at the smart phones of the same companies now days, they have more quality than before.

It allowed people to contact their friends and family just by dialing a number.

With the passage of time, trends have changed and new inventions have been made.

Even GTA and FIFA are now available on smartphones! It is a kind of need that we humans need to survive.

With the help of modern technology, we can now access information within seconds.

Here is the complete Essay in Points about Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology in our life special in Student life.

Technology is not just limited to smartphones and laptops. 15 years ago, using a wired telephone was very common.

The introduction of android phones and people shifting from telephone to these smartphones is what we call “.

The internet, MRI machines, Hybrid vehicles, i PADs, smart phones, smart watches, LED televisions and VRs are all examples of it.


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