Advantages And Disadvantages Of Essay Evaluation Method

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Essay Evaluation Method-46
Performing an unbiased evaluation can point out where employees are excelling and the areas needing improvement.After the evaluation is completed, managers can develop plans with specific tasks to help employees develop in their career and meet goals that benefit the company.The physical or objective factors like attendance, amount of work, efficiency can be easily measured by the records maintained by the Human Resource Department Manager.

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Bias causes managers to focus more on the personality and style of the employee instead of the actual achievements.

This can result in good employees feeling slighted, which may cause tension in the workplace.

Performance evaluations give managers a chance to recognize employees who performed well during the evaluated year.

Recognizing employees for their achievements builds their morale, and employees with high morale are more productive.

There are some disadvantages, however, and companies who recognize these can make the necessary adjustments to receive the full benefits of implementing performance evaluations.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Essay Evaluation Method

Performance evaluations allow managers to help employees with career development.

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Often, employees are often curious to know about their performance details and compare it with their fellow colleagues and how they can improve upon it.

So every company needs a good performance appraisal system.


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