Alexie Superman And Me Essay

Read the following essay, "Superman and Me" by Sherman Alexie.

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The most important literary device that Alexie used in his essay was metaphors.

Throughout his essay “Superman and Me,” Alexie’s use of metaphors helps to expand and bring readers to a deeper understanding of the overall purpose.

His quest initially begins in the fourth paragraph were he says, “I look at the narrative above the picture.

I cannot read the words, but I assume it tells me that “Superman is breaking down the door”…

The most important metaphor in the whole essay is the essay title itself. The first meaning being that Alexie learned to read using... This is the same in any tale of Superman, the same occurring theme.

Superman, who remains aloof until such time as Lois proves worthy of him by falling in live with his feigned identity as a weakling. This adds character to Superman, and explains why he is so all-American.Jump ahead to the seventh paragraph and one finds that this young boy has plowed on despite the limits placed upon him.Throughout the seventh paragraph, the word “read” is repeated fourteen times.The purpose of Alexie’s “Superman and Me” is to inform the audience of how one does not need to be affluent to learn.With pathos, repetition, and elaborate metaphors, Sherman Alexie evokes a change of mind from his audience.The story for this film brought to the screen an epic sense of adventure.Christopher Reeve personified Superman by bringing a purity of heart and embodiment of hope synonymous with the character’s persona and as the film’s tagline quoted, he made me believe a man could fly. Reeve injected into the character a palpable sense of wonder and genuine heroism not seen before then. Reeve delivered on every aspect of Why are audiences so obsessed with Batman?Use any or all of these avenues for discussion of the essay.Also comment on what rhetorical devices Alexie uses in the essay.I pretend to read the words and say, ‘Superman is breaking down the door.’” (Page 2, para.4) Alexie goes on to say that by using the common skill of inference, he taught himself to read.


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