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There have been thousands ways of expressing fearful emotion to the horror film lovers, however, most horror film have something in common that provokes fearful emotion by using particular context, such as gender discrimination and trauma of wars.

Without understanding such a context, foreign horror films are understandable to other nations audiences, which means that the process of feeling threatened and fearful does not need to rely heavily on c...

The villain laughs wickedly as he lifts the axe above his head.

The girl releases a final scream as the weapon quickly ends her life, causing the audience to go silent as they watch the villain drag away the lifeless body.

[tags: Horror film, Film, Horror films, Time] - In most countries, horror movies are beloved and popular genre for certain group of people who are eager to have different types of feeling and emotion.

It usually delivers wired, freaky, uncanny, fearful and uncomfortable feeling to its audiences.

[tags: japanese horror films, pyschologicla, survival] - The topic I have chosen for my investigation is horror/gore films.

The hypothesis I am trying to show is the desensitisation audiences have adopted from films such as Carrie and The Human Centipede.

This review surveys multiple scholarly sources from different aspects of the purpose of horror films.

This literature review justifies that horror is derived from the fear and guilt within our psychological minds.


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