An Essay On Uses Of Internet

An Essay On Uses Of Internet-3
Thanks to the internet and the World Wide Web, the earth is now a global village.However, like the two sides of the coin, there are always some disadvantages of the internet and the technology.Technology should always be put to constructive use for the best results!

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Impact on children: Continuous surfing and the variety of games found on the internet make the children addicted to the internet.

Children tend to constantly use the system and thereby, their communication potential and attitude changes, are hampered to a great extent.

You can research about absolutely any topic and even contribute to the knowledge repository too.

So, with these many endless uses of internet, are you making the most out of it?

This is another major disadvantage of the internet that is a sure shot possibility of spoiling the next generation.

An Essay On Uses Of Internet

The violence in the games also affects the psychology of the children.Identity theft and security breach: This is one of the scariest disadvantages of internet.People’s identities are stolen and misused and at times, their privacy and security are breached to an extent that many people lose their lives or money because of this terrifying loophole on the internet.This connection is usually done by physically attaching a cable to both computers. Shopping Conclusion: As the days go by new fields and application of the internet keeps emerging.However, since the advent of satellite technology, it is now possible to connect two computers without any physical cable. Recently, people have found that the internet can learn from itself while others have explored the financial applications of the internet. The development of internet can be traced back to the 1960s.The internet is an advancement of modern technology that has swept the world off its feet with its vast usage.Internet is defined as a global network of computers that provides information and communication platforms.The spam e-mails can also contain potential threats like viruses, details of illegal activities, or soliciting money from the users.Information theft: The internet contains everything and anything freely available.Better Knowledge Repository: When people started capitalizing on the varied uses of internet, they understood the immense power it had.Regardless of what topic you want to know about, the internet is a knowledge hub with all kinds of details in it.


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