An Introduction To Statistical Problem Solving In Geography

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Introduction: The Context of Statistical Techniques The Role of Statistics in Geography / Examples of Statistical Problem Solving in Geography 2.

Geographic Data: Characteristics and Preparation Selected Dimensions of Geographic Data / Levels of Measurement / Measurement Concepts / Basic Classification Methods Part II: DESCRIPTIVE PROBLEM SOLVING IN GEOGRAPHY 3.

Cristian Suteanu, Saint Marys University Rather than dreading statistics, this book shows students the value of a multitude of techniques and how to select the best one for a particular problem.

Equally important, the authors show students how to interpret the results of their analysis.

Elements of Inferential Statistics Terms and Concepts in Hypothesis Testing: One-Sample Difference of Means Test / One-Sample Difference of Proportions Test / Selected Issues in Inferential Testing 10.

Two-Sample and Dependent-Sample (Matched-Pairs) Difference Tests Two-Sample Difference of Means Test / Two-Sample Difference of Proportions Test / Dependent-Sample (Matched-Pairs) Difference Tests 11.Descriptive Statistics and Graphics Measures of Central Tendency / Measures of Dispersion and Variability / Measures of Shape or Relative Position / Selected Issues: Spatial Data and Descriptive Statistics 4.Descriptive Spatial Statistics Spatial Measures of Central Tendency / Spatial Measures of Dispersio Part III: THE TRANSITION TO INFERENTIAL PROBLEM SOLVING 5.An epilogue offers over 150 geographic situations, inviting students to apply their new statistical skills to solve problems currently affecting our world.Data sets for many of the book's examples, appropriate for use with a variety of statistical and GIS software can be downloaded here.Basic Elements of Sampling Sampling Concepts / Types of Probability Sampling / Spatial Sampling 8.Estimation in Sampling Basic Concepts in Estimation / Confidence Intervals and Estimation / Geographic Examples of Confidence Interval Estimation / Sample Size Selection Part IV: INFERENTIAL PROBLEM SOLVING IN GEOGRAPHY 9.Bhuiyan Alam, University of Toledo "Without the Mc Grew text my course wouldn't be a 'geographic statistics' course.I love the book and my students do too." Paul Sutton, University of Denver Part I: BASIC STATISTICAL CONCEPTS IN GEOGRAPHY 1.Three-or-More-Sample Difference Tests: Analysis of Variance Methods Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) / Kruskal-Wallis Test / Example Applications in Geography 12.Categorical Difference Tests Goodness-of-Fit Tests / Contingency Table Analysis Part V: INFERENTIAL SPATIAL STATISTICS 13.


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