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David questions the mayor frequently throughout the trial. ” he pushes against the social pressure to obey the mayor and admit guilt to the supposed crimes.This act of defiance demonstrates his disruption of social order.

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This means that David has implanted the idea that there is somewhere else, another place that functions differently.

This displays the importance of viewing things multidimensionally as described in the 2015 graphic novel by Nick Sousanis, .

The boy hands the book to David, by Mark Twain, as David turns through its pages he notices that the majority of them are no longer blank.

Jennifer explains that the pages filled in as she shared the parts of the book she remembered.

The teenagers are able to use this different perspective to unflatten their conventional thinking (Sousanis).

Then the group asks “What’s outside of Pleasantville?The night after the fire David walks into the soda shop to a crowd of his peers waiting to ask him how he knew the way to stop the fire.David says, “well, where I used to live that’s just what firemen did.” When David reveals that he’s from outside of Pleasantville he creates another “cultural mode of seeing” (Cohen 81).As he becomes more invested with the townspeople, specifically the teenagers, he gradually shifts into the monster seen by the black & white townspeople.Jeffrey Jerome Cohen’s essay, “Monster Culture (Seven Theses)” examines how monsters reflect cultural fears.The books were blank, because the desire to read and the desire for knowledge was nonexistent.When asked to describe the ending of , David says, “they were going up the river trying to get free and in trying to get free, they see that they’re sort of free already.” The description of the end of the book relates to the town’s struggle for freedom.The scene ends with another teen handing David another book to tell them about.As David and Jennifer continuously broke through categories, they began to normalize pleasurable practices like sex, reading, music and dancing among the open-minded individuals of Pleasantville.Pleasantville’s division into colored and non-colored people mirrors the segregation that was prevalent throughout the United States in the 1920’s.The mural’s depiction of burning books, teenage sex and the town hall sinking into the ground was accessible to everyone in town.


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