Ancient Greece Homework

Ancient Greece Homework-19
Sparta was surrounded by mountains which protected it from invaders.Sparta was the only city state which had a full time army.Using this, they will write their own Greek myth stories.

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Our Science topic this half term is all about the circulatory system, the function of the heart, lungs and blood and how to stay healthy.

In computing, the children will learn how to create an online survey and analyse the results.

They will present their research in a variety of ways, including reports and information leaflets.

The children will also explore Greek myths and create their own hero and mythological beast.

Continue using previous websites and revision books to practice for the SAT’s.

Much less evidence survives about Sparta than Athens, but we do know that it was a military state.Physical training and fitness was considered to be an important part of a Spartan child’s education.Girls did not fight in wars but they took part in physical activities because Spartans believed fit and strong women would have healthy babies that would be good soldiers.The Spartan men were well known for being brave and fierce, and they spent their whole lives training and fighting.Spartans lived in harsh conditions, without luxuries, to make them tough fighters.Some of the masks had two sides, so the actor could turn them around to change the mood for each scene. The Ancient Greeks held many festivals in honour of their gods.To celebrate the god Zeus, for example, the first Greek Olympics were held in the city of Olympia in 776 BC and are thought to have inspired our own Olympic Games!Rule was shared between two kings, the Gerousia and the Assembly.Most citizens Spartans were either Perioeci (citizens who paid taxes, served in the army and were protected by Spartan laws) or Helots (people from lands conquered and ruled by Sparta who had no rights).They loved watching plays, and most cities had a theatre – some big enough to hold 15,000 people!Only men and boys were allowed to be actors, and they wore masks, which showed the audience whether their character was happy or sad.


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