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In order to know more about the leadership style and behavior of Andrew Carnegie, using behavior approach to analysis is a good choice since behavioral basis for researching leadership shows that some certain leadership behaviors are more effective than others in various situations.The next I will use two different leadership models to discuss.Envisioning goals As an effective leader, he or she must have the ability to create a vision, identify goals and provide solutions to problems.

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On one hand, it is certain that Carnegie was the greatest leader and symbol of the steel industry.

For what he had been contributed to the development and expansion, Carnegie was the Steel Emperor in American history undoubtedly. Morgan, he turned to hammer at building libraries, funding to schools.

Before civil war, Andrew Carnegie quitted his job and invested all his assets to build his first company — Keystone Bridge Works in 1862.

However, since from July 4, 1863, the both sides of the civil war began using the warships, Carnegie realized how important the steel is.

Nowadays, people often quoted one of his famous saying: “if I ruin all my plant equipment, materials, as long as keep my whole class people, I will still be a steel emperor a few years later.

As it is known to us all, Andrew Carnegie is the Steel Magnate of 20th century and also a great and respected philanthropist.

Through this transform, it believes that Andrew Carnegie was challenging the status quos and encouraging the responsiveness to change. Morgan’s offer which he would buy all his steel holdings for the price of 0 million dollars.

Motivating In 1898, Andrew Carnegie wrote his book “The Gospel of Wealth”, in which he advanced the notion that the rich should use their resources and wealth to help and enrich society. Since then he began to devote his energies to philanthropy especially on education.

It is undeniably that his fortune, achievement and philanthropy contributing vastly to the American society .

Through his recipe to successful leadership roles that include fostering the process of renewal, the eloquent explaining ability, serving as symbol and motivating spirit, which fit the theories of John Gardner’s leadership roles and tasks, Andrew Carnegie was fully worthy of an effective leader.


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