Animal Farm Snowball Vs Napoleon Essay

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Or just a myth created by the ruling class to keep the rest of the farm at bay?

For the less intelligent beings of the Farm (who represent the common folk not used to all the political and economic decisions) the pigs made a short version: four legs good, two legs bad.

But Napoleon knows very well how to present himself as a leader, with excessive pathos.

Squealer joins Napoleon, helping him compensate the difference in his and Snowball’s speech writing skills.

In general, the farm inhabitants consider Snowball less suitable for the leader role, because he is always friendly to everyone and has a cheerful, not pompous at all, personality.

Animal Farm Snowball Vs Napoleon Essay

This gives us one of the first bitter lessons in the book (that is confirmed in extremely cynical work of Niccolo Machiavelli): the excessive friendliness to inferiors is often considered weakness by them.

Napoleon on the contrary starts to see the Commandments as simply the tool of propaganda.

That is the main reason for their common work breaking apart: Napoleon is more focused at his present well-being when Snowball looks to the future too much.

Of course, all animals are equal, but mostly they are too used to give away power over themselves to someone else and consider themselves (sometimes rightfully) too dim-witty to be responsible even for their own life.

We can’t say that Snowball’s characteristics is outright positive from every side.


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