Animation Research Paper

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Interested students must submit an application for review before acceptance into the course.

CSE 459 - Character Animation (Optional) Credits: 5 Autumn Quarter Prerequisite: CSE 458 (in parallel) Website: Students are given simple 3D character rigs and learn to animate them through motion exercises starting with basic actions like jumps, walks, and sits, followed by acting exercises including lip sync and facial expression.

We present a machine learning technique for driving 3D facial animation by audio input in real time and with low latency.

Our deep neural network learns a mapping from input waveforms to the 3D vertex coordinates of a face model, and simultaneously discovers a compact, latent code that disambiguates the variations in facial expression that cannot be explained by the audio alone.

AR/VR tools will be used in the development, design, production, and the completed experience of the story.

Animation Research Paper

Students will be provided with the equipment needed to work with this technology and be encouraged to experiment during all phases of the pipeline.The definitive version of this paper can be found at ACM's Digital Library The best way to plan animations is to create storyboards of your project.It also helps you bridge the divide between the image you have in your mind and the actual execution of the work. Transitions can help you achieve this if you think about how the figure moves from one location or position to the other.In storyboards, since they're static panels, you can use arrows to show camera movement into the next panel. How does the project cut from one scene to the next?When the course is completed, student groups will be expected to show a working version of their projects.CSE 464a - Special Topics in Digital Animation Credits: Variable Spring Quarter Prerequisite: CSE 458 Website: Digital animation courses offered that focus individually on several topics.During inference, the latent code can be used as an intuitive control for the emotional state of the face puppet.We train our network with 3-5 minutes of high-quality animation data obtained using traditional, vision-based performance capture methods.CSE 490 - Special Topics in Digital Animation: Storytelling using tools for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Credits: 5 credits Winter Quarter Prerequisite: CSE460, course application and portfolio, and permission of instructor.Website: Syllabus An interdisciplinary group of students are chosen to enroll in this class. The students in the course will create a film to be experienced in AR or VR.


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