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After Madeline killed Tommy and stole a suitcase of three million dollars he was taking to Boston, she went to a junkyard to meet up with Ann. Later on, after Madeline poisoned Robbie Sugar (who knew Tommy from when he and Madeline frequented his swinger's poker games) to prevent from exposing Tommy's bigamy and cost her and Ann his money.Ann was exposed as Madeline's cohort when security footage was found of Madeline providing Ann with the gun she used during the standoff.Teaching is an enjoyable process for me because it allows me to pass my knowledge on to students as well as to share with them my attitude towards learning.

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Ann Wylie (Shea Curry) is the secondary villainess of the first Crossing Jordan/Las Vegas crossover event.

She didn't make her first official appearance, however, until the Las Vegas portion of the crossover, episode 2.08 "Two of a Kind" (airdate November 8, 2004).

She received the Distinguished Achievement Award for Academic Excellence for her accomplishments at SF State. Jacqueline recently returned from a Fulbright Grant-funded nine-month field trip to Northern Ghana where she studied agricultural modernization. Wylie Dissertation Fellowship, a competitive scholarship, to finish her dissertation titled: “Seeds of contestation: Genetically-modified crops and the politics of agricultural modernization in Ghana.” Jacqueline is teaching an online class this summer based off of some of her research entitled “The Politics of a Warming World: Environment, Development, and Food Security.” “I earned my B. in an interdisciplinary program called Global Studies from UC Santa Barbara.

studies at the University of Maryland in 2008 and is currently in the final stages of her doctoral program.

by RCC member Amy Shelton (DC chapter) First – sign up for Ann Wylie’s e-newsletter at, buy into the premium version if you can. I put the date and times for voting in the next-to-last sentence.

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If you have the resources and time, take the master class. Here are the things I learned in the class that a year later still have an impact on my writing and design: Do NOT use the inverted pyramid. After the course, a student asked to have an announcement placed in our weekly announcements. Here’s the story template Ann recommended – make the story more interesting by moving the problem to the top.

Rui Zhang, Chaoyang Ti, Marcelo Davanço, Yundong Ren, Vladimir Aksyuk, Yuxiang Liu, and Kartik Srinivasan, “Integrated tuning fork nanocavity optomechanical transducers with high f MQM product and stress-engineered frequency tuning”, Applied Physics Letters, 107, 131110 (2015). Bergstrom, Ji-Xin Cheng, "Label-free Imaging of Semiconducting and Metallic Carbon Nanotubes in Cells and Mice Using Transient Absorption Microscopy," Nature Nanotechnology 7, 56-61 (2012)Chemical engineering professor Hong Susan Zhou, right, and Ph D candidate Zhiru Zhou prepare a prototype of an electrochemical sensor that can quickly detect the presence of C. Karyn Polito, center, tours a WPI lab with Quinsigamond Community College president Luis G.

Yuxiang Liu, Marcelo Davanco, Vladimir Aksyuk, and Kartik Srinivasan, “Electromagnetically induced transparency and wideband wavelength conversion in silicon nitride microdisk optomechanical resonators,” Physics Review Letters 110, 223603 (2013)Ling Tong, Yuxiang Liu, Bridget D. diff bacteria, which causes a potentially deadly gastrointestinal infection. Pedraja and WPI president Laurie Leshin during an event to announce a million state grant to establish a photonics laboratory at WPI.

The overarching theme of my research is light-matter interactions and their applications in microscale and nanoscale.

Particularly, my research interests include optical trapping, optofluidics, nanophotonics, cavity optomechanics, and fiber optic sensing systems, with an emphasis on optical actuation, damping, and sensing of mechanics in micro-/nano-scale structures and biological specimens.


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