Ap World History Columbian Exchange Essay

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In some cases various tribes were infected and almost completely wiped out before they even made contact with the Europeans.

At the time these epidemics made it easy to say that the Columbian Exchange only had a negative effect on the world.

The Columbian Exchange refers to the period of cultural and biological give-and-take between the New and Old Worlds.

Interchange of plants, animals, and technology renovated European and Native American ways of life.

The natives gained many advancements in weapon capabilities including firearms and steel knives.

My Life Essay - Ap World History Columbian Exchange Essay

Hunting with firearms proved more beneficial compared to bow and arrows.

This makes Tenochtitlan larger than any European city of the time (Grennes 2007).

At their peaks, the Aztec empire had a population of 25 million and the Inca empire had a population of 15 million.

The Eastern Hemisphere saw an influx of raw materials, new staple crops, and the income from and production of growing crops that were too resource intensive for Europe and Asia.

The Western Hemisphere saw large scale population shifts, massive devastation accompanying colonization, and a significant change in the ecosystem with the introduction of new, sometimes invasive, plants and animals.


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