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The APA referencing style refers to the American Psychological Association format that is used in colleges and universities around the worlds for writing essays, dissertations, and coursework.It is more common college writing formats in nursing colleges, business-related, or social sciences courses.While Cite This for Me is a good tool, it does not include all types of APA references.

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If the recording has a publisher, list this, as well as the city where the music was publisted, Use the same APA Essay format for listing the source as normal journal articles, however, if there is a DOI assigned, this is required in the reference.

If there is no DOI, you must list the url where the article is available, after adding “Retrieved from”.

There are so many resources on the web that goes into a lot of detail about APA format.

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Need advice on how to write an essay in APA format? In this article, you will find everything you need to know about APA essay format to write successful college-level papers and get good marks.

Keep reading this easy guide to find answers to your questions and learn about APA key elements and the requirements of latest APA style version – the 6th edition.

Make sure that you do not put a period after the “et”.

For six or more authors, always use “et al.” after the first author’s name from the first instance.


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