Argumentative Essay + Are We Too Dependent On Computer

This can cause alienation because of a lack of face time, but sending e-mails, social networking and video chatting in moderation can be a fun and important way to stay in touch with family, friends and co-workers.

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For us, it is like looking back into a primitive culture, lethargic and tedious. We communicate through social networking sites, rather than face-to-face, because it is less time-consuming and more accessible.

With the Internet’s growing role in coordinating the structure of our social lives, we are heavily dependent on it to communicate with one another. However, it deprives us of physical contact and makes us heavily dependent on the Internet for social interaction.

Using the best possible resource available is a good thing, and if for some reason the Internet is not working, there are always other resources available.

Being dependent on the Internet causes problems when it becomes a person’s only social outreach.

By Olivia Reed Getting into a heated debate over the name of the giraffe in “Madagascar” is not necessary.

There is one quick way to find out: do a Google search.Technology has also provided people with a larger vocabulary at the click of a button.Online thesaurus applications permit people to sound highly intellectual without the tedious task of remembering proper spelling.Be observant of how much you rely on technology to get through the day.Providing 133,000 results in 0.26 seconds, Google reports that the name of the giraffe is Melman. By Tom Stankewicz The question of whether people are too dependent on the Internet automatically puts a negative connotation on the growing use of this convenient and practical resource.Another chore lifted off people’s minds is remembering daily tasks. For younger generations, it’s hard not to depend on technology since it’s a tool they have grown up with.An i Phone or Blackberry can provide instant alerts to remind people of upcoming events. People wouldn’t be able to get to work or school on time without an alarm clock. It’s hard to imagine life without resources like Google, but it’s only been around for 13 years.The Internet is a priceless tool for researching papers and reading the latest news. For example, instead of citing academic journals, some students print free essays off the web.Technology causes students to be lazy with foreign language homework when they can use translators, finishing in half the time, with half the effort and none of the knowledge.People rely on the Internet because it is the best way to do many tasks quickly.Doing a Google search is much faster than any alternative.


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