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Soon after, he was back to publishing the Edward Ronn novels that he did at a good clip of about two to three novels a year until 1962.From 1955, he started penning the Assignment series under his own name and increased the number of works published a year, with up to three novels featuring Sam Durrell published every year until his death.Sam Durell is an imposing man at more than six feet tall with a lean waist, heavy shoulders, and long fingers that showed him a good gambler.

Having already threatened to unleash the weapon, Sam needs to find and disarm the weapon before it is too late.

“Assignment Suicide” is another excellent novel in the series that sees Sam going into one of the most dangerous of missions.

Durell went to Yale in his late teens and from there joined the intelligence services, having already become fluent in several languages.

He went on to serve in World War II under the OSS, then to the Pentagon, the State Department and lastly to the CIA, where he rose to K Section sub chief.

The star character of the Assignment series is Sam Durell, a CIA agent that made his first appearance in the 1955 published “Assignment to Disaster”. Aarons wrote the series right up until his death in 1975.

Aarons was born in 1916 Philadelphia and was named Edward Sidney.The dossiers with his name have for a long time been red tagged by the Chinese Security Center in Peking and the KGB of Dzerzhinsky Square, often with a designation to kill on sight.Following the death of Aarons, his son was contacted by Fawcett Publication to publish more titles under his name.Durell is on the trail of an expert American scientist that had suddenly disappeared.It is important that he finds the man, given that he has in his possession the blueprints of one of the biggest bombs known as the “Cyclops”.“Assignment to Disaster” the debut novel of the Sam Durell/Assignment is an excellent thriller that has often been referred to as the novel version of Casino Royale.In fact, Sam Durell the lead in the series had a lot of similarities to James Bond, which made the novel even more popular with its pop and culture references.Like many of the James Bond films and novels, the novels have something of a chauvinist streak that would be sneered at in the modern context.These aspects though may have been deemed the ultimate of chivalry in the 50s and 60s.In 1941, following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Aarons joined the US military and served in the Coast Guard.After the end of the war, he went back to civilian life going back to Columbia from where he graduated with a bachelors in history and literature.


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