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If students upload images as their submissions, you can only add comments.

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Access the menu to post the grade or delete the submission.

You can also give the student an exception on this assignment.

Original formatting and embedded images are preserved.

If a student has uploaded an unsupported file, you're prompted to download it.

New Box View is supported on the same browsers Blackboard Learn supports.

On the At this time, you can’t preview or annotate files submitted in Google Drive’s native file formats such as Google Docs (.gdoc), Sheets (.gsheets), Slides (.gslides), and so on.Please view annotated PDFs in a native PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat.Students won’t see any annotations in their files until you post grades. Assign a grade and select the feedback icon to add a note with suggestions, encouragement, and overall feedback about the submission.No grades, first or last names, email, or other information is shared with Box.Only the files in their native formats are transmitted to New Box View for conversion. Watch a video about assignment inline grading in "Ultra." The following narrated video provides a visual and auditory representation of some of the information included on this page.More on sending reminders If allowed by your institution, you can annotate and grade student assignment files directly within the browser.The inline viewer is powered by a third-party, cloud-based technology called New Box View.The converted version of the document lives in the cloud on servers managed by New Box View.After submission, usernames and user IDs are sent to New Box View for attribution and submission ownership information.Student file submissions are stored in your Blackboard Learn instance, as always.A copy of the submission is transmitted to the New Box View cloud service for conversion.


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