Beautiful And Cruel Essay

Charlotte and Iris are devastated and guilt-ridden when Lucy runs away to start a new life with him.

She leaves them a sketchy note to assure them she is happy but no details of her whereabouts or who she is with.

This well-crafted balance between show and tell and pacing intimately reveals character and a distinct sense of time and place.

There are clear hints early on that there will be a tragedy.

When it occurs, it feels inevitable and slightly anticlimactic as are some of the predictable relationships that develop in the tragedy’s aftermath.

Less predictable is a twist near the end shifting the story to William’s point of view and exposing at least one point of view as unreliable, but whose?

How did the two women who love her most miss that Lucy wanted a different life?

is told in third person from alternating points of view—Lucy’s, Charlotte’s, Iris’, and eventually Patrick’s, a friend Lucy meets in her new life. tell, and the pace of telling shifts depending on the POV character, with Iris’s POV being the most measured.

There's an emoji on my phone that I’ve never used, of a shell-pink tower-block building with blue windows.

Smaller than an apple seed, crumb-sized—if that—it stands six stories high.


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