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but then maybe i don't socialise that much these days...

but then maybe i don't socialise that much these days...

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Year 6 visited the Ben Kinsella Trust workshop hosted at Finsbury Library.

The workshop gave moving insights into the story of Ben and how his tragic story can help to save young people’s lives today.

but then maybe i don't socialise that much these days... the intimidation, the pure nastiness, of certain people what they put us through as the law ran its full course.. is a book that not only details the death of the 16-year-old Ben Kinsella in a random knifing in London in 2008, but is an emotional look at how his elder sister and their family dealt with their grief.

this expectancy follows through the whole of the book ( as a hospital-porter of the 1970's) we were taught how to "dress a body".... after his death fiction, Déjà vu who knows about a incident. to his demise QUOTE.....( with a dark smile the killer holds a phone-camera for a mere picture used to broadcast this monstrosity of society, that it had become....) midnight candle Virgil, rallies, understanding knife-crime- -u.k, meeting the prime-minaster. against this atrocity they created, like a cancer cell waiting to live at the expense of others ... if one person can make a difference it is BROOKE KINSELLA... It also details Brooke Kinsella’s anti-knife campaigning and her research into various sentencing and punishment methods both in the UK and U. It was a book that I was pleasantly surprised to find that I couldn’t put down and probably got through quicker than any other book I’ve ever read and even found it inspirational.

Finally, we learnt about joint enterprise and the reality of prison life.

The whole exhibition was set up in memory of Ben Kinsella to educate youth in London of the dangers of knife crime in London.

Yousef Makki, 17, was stabbed to death in Hale Barns, a village in Greater Manchester, in March this year.

Earlier this month, another boy, also 17, was cleared of his murder. At the spot where Makki was stabbed along a residential road, people have left flowers and photos taped to a tree trunk.

London still has the most stabbings overall, but in some parts of Wales, North Yorkshire and East Anglia, the rate soared by over 25 percent compared to a year earlier.

The number of fatal stabbings rose to 285 in England and Wales in 2018, the highest level since records began more than 70 years ago.


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