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And yet everyone can learn the basic skills of political navigation, given the requisite general education and political experience.This is why democracy can’t be only an ideal; it must be a practice of ongoing political activity wherever possible and practical to acquire this education and experience.

And yet everyone can learn the basic skills of political navigation, given the requisite general education and political experience.

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In my scholarship, I have found that confusion about democracy stems from the misunderstood and opaque relationship between democracy and ideas of goodness, especially goodness as it relates to common and public affairs.

This misunderstanding is particularly disturbing in the midst of democracy’s invocation today: Few citizens understand democracy’s ability, practically or ethically, to improve our social lives, and few politicians genuinely want to.

Besides this historical truth, political action in democracies and all other political orders occurs amid conditions of uncertainty.

When citizens engage political dilemmas, they have reason to wonder exactly what the two conceptual pillars of democracy—freedom and equality— mean.

Democracy is not automatically just, because the demos is not automatically right.

This is not a uniquely democratic foible; human beings are fallible.And it is not that we must fear “tyranny of the majority,” because a genuine political majority of a populace rarely exercises power.It was not a majority of the American citizenry that favored or fought for slavery; it was not a majority of the French citizenry that authorized the Reign of Terror; it was not a majority of the German citizenry that elected Hitler.A fog blurs the meaning of democracy, especially when it is invoked to describe our political order.But that fog reveals a real question—is democracy a beneficial political order or merely a linguistic honey?Practical roots of this misunderstanding recur to the American founding.The drafters of the American Constitution did not intend to create a democracy—thus, the Electoral College and the Senate (although having two houses of Congress can have democratic benefits).For few actually advocate programs that politically empower the people, and they often disregard the preferences of citizens.Polls show that a majority of citizens favor stricter regulations of guns and polluters; higher taxes on the wealthy; a relatively tolerant immigration policy; liberal views on “social issues”; and health care for all.But there is no single intellectual or practical source for these compasses.Citizens may believe in God or think reasonably, but there is no God or Reason or website or algorithm that identifies the needs of democracy. We are not born with these virtues and practical skills.


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