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They wanted Lindsay to become a doctor, and he studied the sciences for three years at Hiram College in Ohio.

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Word History: From an etymological perspective, book and beech are branches of the same tree. Liber, however, originally meant "bark"—that is, the smooth inner bark of a tree, which the early Romans likewise used to write on.1.The year he returned home he witnessed a race riot in Springfield in which several black residents were killed. His lecture on black Americans discussed their origins, their art forms, and their "native genius" or folk wisdom.Deeply troubled, he planned a series of lectures on ethnic groups, later delivered at the Y. In the next few years Lindsay also published several pamphlets and, in 1910, the well-received poetry volume magazine featured Lindsay's poem "General William Booth Enters into Heaven," which helped establish his reputation as a serious literary artist. His aim is commendable but his volleys are erratic.He recited the poem in a variety of voices ranging from a loud, deep bass to a whisper.A as the single most interesting event in the American literary scene.Lindsay was born in 1879 in a house where Abraham Lincoln's sister-in-law had once lived.President Lincoln had visited there several times—a fact which later contributed to the poet's sense of national pride.Books are well written, or badly written" [Oscar Wilde The Picture of Dorian Gray]"Style and Structure are the essence of a book; great ideas are hogwash" [Vladimir Nabokov]"All books are either dreams or swords,""You can cut, or you can drug, with words" [Amy Lowell Sword Blades and Poppy Seeds]"Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested" [Francis Bacon Essays]"The reading of all good books is like conversation with the finest men of past centuries" [René Descartes Discourse on Method]"All good books are alike in that they are truer than if they had really happened" [Ernest Hemingway]"Books succeed,""And lives fail" [Elizabeth Barrett Browning Aurora Leigh]"Books are where things are explained to you; life is where things aren't" [Julian Barnes Flaubert's Parrot]"Even bad books are books and therefore sacred" [Günter Grass The Tin Drum]Types of book album, almanac, anatomy, annual, anthology, armorial, A to Z, atlas, autobiography, Baedeker, bestiary, bibelot, Bible, biography, breviary, brochure, casebook, catalogue, catechism, coffee-table book, comic book, commonplace book, companion, compendium, concordance, confessional, cookery book, copybook, diary, dictionary, directory, dispensatory, encyclopedia or encyclopaedia, exercise book, formulary, gazetteer, gradus, grammar, graphic novel, grimoire, guidebook, handbook, hymn book, jotter, journal, lectionary, ledger, lexicon, log or logbook, manual, miscellany, missal, monograph, notebook, novel, novelette, novella, ordinal, peerage, pharmacopoeia, phrase book, prayer book, primer, prospectus, psalter, reader, reference book, register, road book, score, scrapbook, service book, sketchbook, song book, speller, statute book, storybook, telephone directory, textbook, thesaurus, vade mecum, who's who, wordbook, workbook, yearbook Parts of a book acknowledgments, addendum, afterword, appendix, back, back matter, bibliography, binding, blurb, chapter, contents, corrigenda, cover, dedication, dust jacket or cover, endpaper, epigraph, epilogue, errata, flyleaf, folio, fore-edge, foreword, frontispiece, front matter, glossary, gutter, half-title, illustration, index, interleaf, introduction, leaf, margin, page, plate, postscript, preface, prelims, proem, prolegomenon, prologue, recto, rubric, running head, slipcase, spine, tail, title page, verso, wrapper and its introduction had appeared in periodical publications, and other parts had been read by Sergey Ivanovitch to persons of his circle, so that the leading ideas of the work could not be completely novel to the public., and opening and shaking it uselessly, in search of any loose papers which might be hidden between the leaves, I came to the fourth drawer, and found more relics of past pecuniary transactions in the shape of receipted bills, neatly tied together, and each inscribed at the back.-worm, or an author who had nothing to eat but his own works, a piece of paper fell from its leaves to the ground, which Partridge took up, and delivered to Jones, who presently perceived it to be a bank-bill.Vachel Lindsay became famous in his day as a traveling bard whose dramatic delivery in public readings helped keep appreciation for poetry as a spoken art alive in the American Midwest.With their strong rhythms rooted in the American vernacular, revival meetings, the soap box, and the works of Edgar Allan Poe and William Blake, poems such as "The Santa Fe Trail," "Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight," and "The Congo" have become a part of the nation's literary heritage.Hazelton Spencer wrote in his introduction to Lindsay's that the poet's patriotism and his efforts to help Americans build the country of their ideals was unsurpassed in his lifetime.


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