Biology Extended Essay Introduction

It should be a thesis that must be created under the control of an advisor.

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Use this worksheet from the Learning & Advising Center at WHEN to write an outline - Timing is critical to writing an outline.

Outlining is best done as a middle stage in the writing process, not at the very beginning.

All extended essays are externally assessed by examiners appointed by the IB. However, when your supervisor marks your essay in order to arrive at a predicted grade, the grading will be based on the qualitative grade descriptors for the EE, not a translation of a number score into a letter grade.2. Read the following materials: the assessment criteria, relevant subject-specific chapter of the Extended Essay guide, the IB's ethical guidelines and other associated policies where relevant, such as those relating to animal experiments11.

Undertake some preparatory reading in light of the proposed research question.

Our team has gathered the most useful tips from various successful extended essay examples.

Now you can learn it and write your own extended essay from scratch.If you succeed, you may get three additional points for your diploma score.If you have a free topic, you need to identify the area of your main interest.It may be related to some of your hobbies or other interests. In your extended essay, you may write about WWII, but this topic should be narrowed down to make sense.If you’ve found a great idea, you need to find something particular in it to get more specific and unique.Most students find that writing an outline before beginning the paper is most helpful in organizing one's thoughts.If your outline is good, your paper should be easy to write.It is a type of a research paper with a deep and clear analysis of the topic.The standard scheme of Introduction, Body, and Conclusion lays in its basis.If that happens, your research plan needs to be revised.An extended essay is one of the most terrible tasks a student can face with.


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