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Business plans need to be understandable at a glance to attract funding.

Don’t rely on investors dedicating time to dig into the details of your report.

Take what you’ve learned about your audience’s pain points and your competitor’s strengths to inform how you’ll communicate your differentiator.

Pay special attention to your website and online channels for dropshipping businesses, as these will be the main touchpoints.

This means segmenting customers by geography, interests, demographics…really anything that might affect purchasing behaviour.

Two standard metrics that most businesses include in a market segmentation summary are customer age and gender.If your business plan includes some supporting data in the form of charts and tables, use a two-column layout to juxtapose text with its corresponding data.Keeping these tips in mind will ensure that your business plan design feels clean and professional and doesn’t distract from your content.Use color to emphasize single important data points, differentiate between real and projected values, or group related data: Charts, tables, and diagrams should be used in a business plan to summarize and present research that backs up your ideas and strategies.Wherever an investor might doubt the validity of a claim, it’s a good idea to include supporting data in the form of a summative visual. Sometimes, it’s to get the internal team on the same page, and other times, it’s to attract potential investors.Depending on who’s reading your business plan and what you’re hoping to achieve, you might adapt it to take a different layout.Create a list of each product you plan to offer (and categories, if you have a ton), It’s a good idea to include a bit of information about how products will be manufactured and delivered. A lot of the research you’ve put together for the above sections will inform your overall market analysis.Will you be selling direct-to-consumer or through wholesale customers? The market analysis is a summary of the aforementioned, plus more information about your target customer.While the SWOT matrix does have a place in the world of business communications, it’s not necessarily the best way to present your competitive landscape.The SWOT matrix doesn’t make it easy to see at a glance the key characteristics that differentiate your business from your competitors.


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