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is primarily the United States of America government and to some extent the whites living America around this time.Though branded a ‘protest song’, this song is insightful and offers crucial moral lessons. “Its first public performance, at Gerde’s Folk City on April 16, 1962, was recorded and circulated among Dylan collectors…addressing issues of peace, war, and freedom” (Mick 43).

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This song targeted government adherents and the whites.

It targeted government adherents because of the Vietnam War and the whites because of racism.

Dylan’s personal philosophies and beliefs made him write this song as a way of highlighting his feelings.

Instead of addressing war alone, Dylan seized this opportunity to address racism as well thus broadening his audience.

The Vietnam war ran from 1955 to 1975; a time when Dylan released this single.

Many issues arose during this time including calls from different quarters to end the war. S government pushed on with its agenda to continue with the war.

In the second line, he brings in the issue of peace. At this time, peace between American and Vietnam seemed unachievable and this is true given the length of the war.

“Sleeping in the sand,” means finding a place to tough down.

Dylan used rhetoric to make government adherents to think logically about what was happening in Vietnam at that time.

This makes someone ask many questions concerning humanity.


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