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Finding Art Collectors Through Social Media Not only do you need to recognize who loves your art, but you also need to be realistic about who can actually afford to buy it.Sure, there may be a large number of people who find your artwork beautiful and would love to hang it in their homes, but if they can’t actually buy it, your efforts to market to them will be fruitless.It’s important that they be measurable and attainable, so you will know when you get there and can measure your progress along the way.

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We are only trying to stress the importance of being realistic.

Selling 10 pieces per month may be a little lofty, but 3 may be a great starting point.

There will be an audience for each artist, and it’s up to that artist to identify those people in order to achieve their goals and bring their vision to life.

When you can pinpoint the people you need to target, you’ll be saving yourself an immeasurable amount of time, energy and money.

Setting a specific number is a measurable way of knowing when you’ve reached that goal.

It’s so incredibly vital that you discover your specific customers and target them directly.Here are the basics that you will need to know when putting together one for yourself.This step is usually different for each and every artist.Now, your vision may very well change over time – don’t be worried if that happens.Artists, and people in general are continually growing and changing, and so your priorities and vision for what you’re hoping to achieve are likely to be different a few years down the line.Each vision will lead you down different paths, so it is important to know where you eventually want to end up.Of course, we all want to be successful, but what does success look like to you, as an artist?Changes happen, but what is important is that you recognize those changes and make the necessary adjustments to your plan in order to achieve them.Once you have a clear vision of what you want, you can start setting your goals for getting there.n the business world, going forward with any new venture without a proper marketing plan is never a good idea.Similarly, just waiting around to be ‘discovered’ is not the best either, especially in today’s time, when there are thousands of talented artists just like you competing for exposure.


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