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Punishment available to deter murder, and that is the death penalty.Writing a death penalty essay - How to stay respectful? It was not meant to take sides on the death penalty, but rather explore some of the important issues raised by the various sides. Dan now works with Prison Fellowship International.

Jewish interpretation of Old Testament Law reflected a great reluctance to impose the death penalty. 35) had to have warned the accused he was about to commit a capital crime.

For example, circumstantial evidence wasn't admitted. If the two witnesses' testimonies differed, the accused was acquitted.

This may not be definitive on the issue of the state's authority to execute, but it does demonstrate a different approach to responding to evil than that established on Mt. Christ's example in not demanding death for the adulteress supports this argument (John 8).

As noted previously, Scripture includes many provisions for capital punishment.

Numbers says that the blood of a murder victim "pollutes the land," a pollution that must be cleansed by the death of the murderer.

If the murderer could not be found, an animal was to be sacrificed to God to purge the community of guilt (Deut. Christ's death on the cross ended the requirement for blood recompense and blood sacrifice.

This is a form of restitution; a matter of justice— the state purging itself of those who shed innocent blood.

Proponents of this position cite three scriptural arguments: Genesis 9:6 says, "Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God has God made man." This is part of the larger covenant that God made with Noah after the flood.

The most severe of all punishments is the death penalty.

Many people support the death penalty, while others wish for.


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