Christmas And New Years Essay

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All my unwrapped gifts that had appeared only overnight had a special aura surrounding them. With a perpetual After I going through all of the good stuff, ignoring the sets of clothes and underwear, I traipse back to Mama and Daddy’s room to assure them that Santa had come that night and brought me everything that I wanted.

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I notice that Santa had eaten my cookies and drank all my milk.

This made me feel as if I had accomplished something more important than world peace; I had fed Santa.

I throw back the covers, ignoring the cold that would have kept me in bed for hours later on a normal day, and run to the Christmas tree.

Without any lights on I quietly examine everything placed under the tree.

It is especially celebrated by Christians with great enthusiasm and joy.

It is the birth anniversary of great Jesus Christ, who is believed as the Son of God by the people of Christian religion.The increased new toy commercials, the plastic santas at Wal-Mart in October, all the little things I got excited over when I was younger now, put a damper on the spirit. The lists that I now make are not carelessly scribbled out in crayon and addressed to the almighty Santa, but consist of the names of people I need to buy for, what I hope they will like, and about how much money they will have spent on them.of December every year and celebrated with zeal and zest across the world.Christmas As I slowly awaken from a deep sleep, cool air hits my squinting eyes and I have the feeling that this is not a normal day.I close my eyes again and ponder for less than a spilt second then realize that SANTA CAME LAST NIGHT!!!It is celebrated all over the world as a religious and traditional festival.The tradition of celebrating the Christmas varies from region to region.My “everything is for me” aspect disappeared and was replaced by a more realistic view of Christmas.Today when I wake up on December 25, I think about if I got everyone what they wanted, and if the all the food will turn out just right, and all the other little things that come with major holidays.People do lots of preparations much before the festival and decorate their homes with lights, decorative items and flowers.The celebration of the Christmas starts about four weeks before the Christmas Day and ends on 12 day of the Christmas.


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