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Use College Raptor’s new Student Loan Finder to discover personalized loan options.Such essays either talk about personal injuries that kept you away from sports or they paint a heroic picture of how you didn’t give up despite all odds being against you.These types of essays can sometimes sound exaggerated, unrealistic and boring.Every year, the average college admissions officer has to read through thousands of essays.This makes it extremely important to write an interesting essay that catches the eye of the admissions officer.This will make your essay sound more interesting as it gives the reader a story to delve upon.When it comes to sports essays, most students tell the same old story of the underdog emerging triumphant by fighting against all odds.Applications that don’t stand out, won’t get picked. Avoid these scholarship cliches and you’re already well on your way to having a stronger essay.Now the point of an essay is to show the readers who you are—so avoiding an introduction almost seems contradictory. For example, if the prompt is writing about a person that inspires you, jump right in with the qualities they have or an anecdote about a time they did something awesome. You’ll show who you are as a person as your write, so don’t waste your time introducing yourself.You don’t need to tell the person how you got to the point where your essay actually beings. After all, you have a finite amount of words you can have in your essay.Not to mention, the judges don’t need to know your whole life story, just what applies to the essay.


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