Cmu Martin Luther King Essay

and there there were some really complex pieces in the anthology over 18 years from African-American students about their experience within their culture.One piece in particular about a light skinned person and their struggle with identity.

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They're winners of the school's Martin Luther King Jr. 90.5 WESA's Sarah Schneider spoke to the CMU English professor and the director of the program, Jim Daniels, about compiling the pieces.

SARAH SCHNEIDER: What do you encourage students to write about?

All the police shootings of young African-Americans.

So, there seems to be -- unfortunately it keeps coming up as a major problem in our culture and society.

This past year, we had a high school student write about being discriminated against after her suicide attempt just in terms of people treating her differently based on externals without really knowing the individual inside them.

The award started as part of Carnegie Mellon's events on Martin Luther King Day and I think we wanted not to.

And so I was just wondering, you know, what has your experience been going back through these pieces?

DANIELS: I think when we approached a number of the contributors they had similar feelings, like "I was 18 years old," or whatever and "my view of the world is more complex now" and you say, well you can't revise because that's going to be a different piece.

And so the voices of young people I think really important are really important and can connect with them with current students who are going through their own struggles with issues of racism and discrimination and sometimes are maybe hesitant to speak up about it.

And I think reading some of the brave pieces these young people, I'm hoping can inspire other people to reflect and to continue to reflect because obviously the problems continue to exist and sometimes feel like they're getting worse.


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