Coca Cola Business Plan

If you plan to start up a retail business or restaurant, you may have considered becoming a Coca-Cola retailer, which enables you to sell these products in your own place of business.

This representative will share some of the company's policies with you, learn more about you, and determine the nearest bottling facility.

If you do not hear from a representative, you can contact the company by phone at 1-800-241-COKE (2653).

Reduced the number of employees involved in manual and routine reconciliation by 55%, increased productivity by reassigning workforce to focus on discrepancies and analysis, saved $0.6 million per year, improved controls and standardized reconciliation, increased client satisfaction, gained global transparency of the entire reconciliation process.

In late 2013, the company began reviewing its existing balance sheet reconciliation process and tools.

They were absolutely brilliant.” Prior to rolling out the Black Line platform, the company created a global business process lead role.

“Historically, we would have allowed each region to customize the technology to its local needs,” said Eamonn.“Improving our balance sheet reconciliations was our pilot program.” The company began its search for a cloud-based, globally accessible reconciliation solution by stipulating certain nonnegotiable features for any new system: auto-certification, administration rules and auto alerts, enhanced reporting and analytics, and real-time dashboards.While Eamonn and his team reviewed numerous vendors, they partnered with Black Line.Before you even consider applying to become a Coca-Cola retailer, start setting up your business.Depending on the type of business you plan to run, you may register as a corporation, a limited liability company, a sole proprietorship or a partnership.According to Eamonn, “We found major audit concerns.Timely completion, inadequate explanations, lack of follow-up on aged items, and lack of overall visibility all needed to be addressed.” During the same time period, The Coca-Cola Company was instituting 2020 Vision, a plan designed to double revenue within the decade.You must enter your full name, business name, business type, detailed contact information and best time to call.After filling out your request online, you should receive a call from a Coca-Cola representative within three business days.The process was also time consuming, with more than 800 associates spending 14,000 hours a month on reconciliations alone.“Every region created and collected its own metrics and maintained the administration and change management of its particular part of the technology,” said Eamonn.


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