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That said, you’ll need to check with your provider (or other providers in your area) to see if they provide business internet at your address, and if they have any restrictions on who can apply.And unfortunately, the rules often seem to change on an area-by-area (and sometimes even case-by-case) basis.

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For other ISPs, they might just charge you extra each month for what you use.

And still others start throttling your speed when you reach your data cap.

When it comes to getting tech support from your ISP (for general network issues), it can be hit or miss on a home data plan.

You could be waiting for ages and still just end up with a generic answer from a script-reading employee. In my case, the wait times are a fraction of what I’ve experienced in the past, and it feels like I’m talking to a real person who actually knows what they’re talking about—not someone just reading off a prompt.

Most ISPs offer business internet plans that cost a bit more, but also offer great features like no throttling, no data caps, and even higher speeds.

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And the chances are that you can get business internet in your home, whether you actually have a business or not. Some ISPs offer higher internet speeds (especially upload speeds) for businesses than they do for residential accounts. It’s 2018, and at this point most ISPs are running metered networks for home service, meaning you get a certain amount of data you can use each month.

Signing up for a business plan is usually much like signing up for a residential plan, though sometimes you have to jump through a few extra hoops.

Some ISPs place more restrictions than others on who can use business accounts.

A lot of people either telecommute or run their businesses from their home, and ISPs do cater their business plans to those people.

At least, that’s the case with the major providers we looked into, including Comcast, AT&T, Spectrum, and Verizon.


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