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In another story I’ve read that has compassion in it is when an older women, Mrs. Flowers feels sorry for a little girl that cannot read, and is very shy in school. Flowers invites the little girl, Marguerite into her house and feeds her and teaches her how to read day by day.

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When a person has true compassion for the self, that compassion then supports healthy, balanced relationships.” Following are 5 ways to begin practicing self-compassion and stop being so hard on yourself: 1. Manly suggests considering what a child might want or need in a hurtful situation.

That child could be your own, or you could imagine as a child.

As author Anis Qizilbash puts it, “How you treat yourself reflects how you let others treat you.

If you're unkind to yourself, you create a standard for how much abuse you accept from others and as a result end up attracting abusive and disrespectful relationships.” Or, as Shah says, “If we hold ourselves to impossible standards, if we never give ourselves the benefit of the doubt, chances are we will have trouble doing so for others.

If we lose our sense of self-worth during these challenges of life, we will have a hard time recovering.

Ru Paul People who lack self-compassion often exhibit a pattern of unhealthy relationships.

The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) is proud to partner with Young America’s Foundation (YAF) to produce “Clichés of Progressivism,” a series of insightful commentaries covering topics of free enterprise, income inequality, and limited government.

Our society is inundated with half-truths and misconceptions about the economy in general and free enterprise in particular.

It’s about cultivating a perspective over ourselves so we never shut ourselves down and never lose faith in our own potential just because we may fly off the deep end one night or hole up in our apartment all weekend.” Psychotherapist Kristen Martinez likes to use the “permission slip” metaphor, which is the idea of giving yourself permission to make a mistake — as a way of accepting however you are feeling, and acknowledging that other people feel or have felt this way before. “It's tough to learn self-compassion all on our own," Shah says.

"Therapy provides a safe environment in which the therapist can help you: 1. have a realistic perspective of yourself and others; and 3. In time, you will begin to internalize these skills and integrate them into your own life perspective.” Finding a therapist with whom you feel safe and supported is key.


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