Consumer Behaviour Dissertation

This behaviour may even be more extreme when we consider foodstuff.Many foodstuffs have got an attractive packaging which are so tempting to consumers.Dairy products on the other hand have got either drawings of healthy cows or fresh milk which creates an impression of the high quality of the product to the consumer.

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Building of consumer loyalty and promotion of consumer behavior are key factors which have to be considered especially when putting out a new product in the market.

Many factors have to be considered to make the new product to gain recognition from the consumers.

Among them is proper packaging of the product so as to attract new customers and also retain the old ones (Biddle et al., 2003).

For intance, it is cheaper to use a shinny plastic covering as compared to plain cardboard and paper for packaging but most businesses preffer to use the latter in packing their products instead of the former.

A picture of a healthy cow or delicious cereal on the side of the cover does not necessarily mean that the product is of that quality but instead it creates this impression to the buyer.

The product therfore sells as a result of good representation.

There are many circumstances that people have purchased a product without knowing its quality because of the mere fact that the cover or the packaging of the product was interesting (Schiffman and Bednall, 2005, p. Consumers all over the world have bought many commodities as a resullt of this behaviour which relies on the power of packaging (Ritter, 2000, p.41).

Coming up with a brand name for a product is mainly the work of the managerial staff of the manufacturing company.

However, a lot of effort is needed in the designing of the package of the product.


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