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If nothing else, the deeper understanding of the US American culture I would gain from this exchange semester would certainly be an invaluable asset when it comes to starting a career in the US/ improve my post-graduate employment prospects in the US.Another important reason for applying to an American university is that I want to improve my command of English so that I am able to successfully complete an English-speaking master's program.

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Also, I was active in the blogger community called Plat-M which spreads knowledge in field information technology like teaching use of information technology mainly in using internet well for common people.

scholarship for master program and looking for university to continue my study.

When having joined robotics team, I conducted some research in robotics field such as firefighting robot, legged robot, and humanoid robot.

Moreover, in the organization, I learnt not only how to develop a robot but also how to organize and make a solid team.

Dan yang paling penting, jujur sejujur jujurnya dalam menyampaikan pengalaman ataupun background anda, termasuk rencana riset dan interest anda.

Since I was in senior high school, I have wanted to be a master and professional researcher in the field of technology.

Dan setelah saya membaca ulang, ada beberapa kalimat yang kurang pas di motivation letter saya ini, beberapa sudah saya ganti.

Kalau ada yang kurang sesuai bisa diperbaiki atau komen dibawah.

Sincerely yours, I hope someone has time to help me, thanks in advance man_yon Dear Sir or Madam The ...

University is one of the leading management universities in the world.


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