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Just like you wouldn’t use a screwdriver to hammer a nail, you’re not going to use an argumentative essay thesis for your compare and contrast essay.

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If you’ve been set this type of paper, you’ll need to know how to handle each part of its construction; and one of those parts is getting your thesis statement right!

It should come after the introduction and is usually just one sentence in the first paragraph of your first chapter.

The list you have generated is not yet your outline for the essay, but it should provide you with enough similarities and differences to construct an initial plan.

Once you have listed similarities and differences, decide whether the similarities on the whole outweigh the differences or vice versa.

Simply, it informs the reader of the expectations they can have for the rest of the essay; it is the argument for the forthcoming thesis.

You’re not the first person to struggle with writing a thesis statement, and you won’t be the last.Create a thesis statement that reflects their relative weights.A more complex thesis will usually include both similarities and differences.Every time you sit down to write an essay, try to think of it like an argument. So let’s just focus on what you can do to write a great thesis and, thus, a great essay.Think about it this way—if someone handed you this list…This method allows you to break down your topics by each point of similarity or difference.For each body paragraph, you support the thesis by writing about each topic at the same time.One half of the body paragraphs would cover the first subject, and the other half would cover the second subject.Thesis: While Batman is depicted as the “Caped Crusader” in either film series, Tim Burton’s Batman of the 1990s is far more comical, wittier, and less intimidating than Christopher Nolan’s early-2000s version.This part of essay writing has vexed many college students, but luckily, I’m here to show you the ropes. This is important because your thesis is the main argument—the main point—you’re trying to make in your essay. Then you spend the rest of the essay backing up that claim with examples, reasoning, and sometimes professional sources that reinforce this claim.Almost every college essay you write will require a thesis in one form or another. In this post, I’ll walk you through the finer points of how to write a compare and contrast thesis statement and offer some pro tips and resources for tackling that essay like a boss. A compare and contrast essay doesn’t always require you to cite sources, though.


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