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If you want to launch a small business with minimal startup fees, a courier service or small-scale delivery service might be your best bet.You won't need to spend much on equipment, there aren't any education or experience requirements, and you have countless potential customers at your fingertips.

Attend local trade shows and small business conferences to network with potential clients. Hire one or more employees if you want to manage the office and leave the pick-ups and deliveries to others.

If you can get a simple website up with your contact details and use delivery comparison websites to help generate new leads. Conduct a criminal background check and credit check before hiring anyone to work for your company.

Consider adding fuel or mileage surcharges for longer routes.

After you outline how your income will work, estimate your expenses.

Law firms will be the primary group of customers and the only one targeted, non law firm customers will be served as well, but will not be targeted.

The Oracle will offer reliability and industry insight to law firms, enabling it to provide superior service relative to the current service providers.Cash flow is a problem for any new business so you should make an estimate of your first year’s earnings as part of your business plan and work out how many assignments you will need to cover your costs and to make a profit. Check that your insurance is appropriate for a courier company.Don’t forget to insure your office contents as well as vehicles and employees.Two Wheeled Oracle's mission is to provide law firms with an environmentally friendly, expedient delivery service. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall in to place.Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers.You may also want to purchase gas cards for employees and ledgers to track gas usage and miles driven each day. Lawyers, banks, corporate offices, notaries, hospitals, medical offices and individuals in your community may all have a need for a courier.Create a brochure that highlights your courier information, such as services, hours, delivery options and contact information.Make sure all employees have clean driving records and reliable transportation if using their own vehicles.You may want to hire someone to manage the office while you make deliveries, either way check they have the correct qualifications before taking them on. Delivery Options Decide whether you will offer different delivery options, such as one-hour delivery or overnight service. For example, you may charge less for letter delivery than for a heavier package.When setting up a delivery or courier business you need to work out revenue streams and expenses as well as looking at how you can win new business.We have our top ten tips that will apply to most people setting up a courier business but please look at your own circumstances and what is right for you.


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