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Thus, it’s important to avoid using military codes and jargon.Instead, translate your experiences into more common terms. It may not be immediately obvious, but your skills in the armed forces can indeed transfer to a civilian career.

For instance, if you’re looking into IT positions, like our sample candidate, active combat experience is better left unmentioned.

However, if you’re exploring careers in law enforcement and security, it would be worth noting experience on the frontline. Bill, qualifying veterans are eligible for hefty financial aid for college classes or on-the-job training.

They even write federal resumes specifically for, if needed.

Military-to-Civilian Resume Packages include: Resume Cover Letter Thank You Letter PDF Resume Resume Linked In Profile Development & e Book (Add-on for $349) Reference Dossier (Bonus #1).

For instance, deploying to locations around the world has likely fostered a strong sense of flexibility and intercultural awareness.

Similarly, managing the health, welfare, safety, and morale of soldiers has probably bred skills in personnel management and team-building.Career Planning Guide (Bonus #2) Job Search Toolkit (Bonus #3) GS 5/7/9 Target: 5 GS 11/12 Target: 5 GS 13/14 Target: 95 GS 15 and SES Target: 95 5-point KSA and PTQ preparation is: 5 per page Quit wondering why you aren’t getting a call back and order now! Then you’ll need a well-written cover letter to get your foot in the door.Table of Contents Download Sample Not your career path?Find what you’re looking for in our expansive collection of resume samples. Browse our library of free, downloadable resume templates for all kinds of jobs.Unfortunately, the terms used in the armed forces are not quite straightforward for the average layperson.For hiring managers with little to no familiarity with the military, titles like “Heavy Signal Platoon Leader” and “Expeditionary Signal Battalion” can be unclear and uninformative.You can highlight these in your summary of qualifications, which provides hiring managers with an overarching view of what you contribute as a potential employee.The reality is that not all of your military experiences will easily translate into employer needs, but this doesn’t mean you need to start from square one.Military Cover Letters In this section you will find sample military cover letters.Cover letters in this section are focused on military jobs.


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