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This can lead to communication challenges, especially between departments.One illustration of this is when software teams and content teams must unite to deliver a functional website that dovetails with the text and images.The creative brief helps creative teams understand their part in the larger project and, in so doing, better shape the overall strategy, goals and tools for the project.

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To avoid these shortfalls, the creative brief should be written after a client explains their expectations.

Then the creative team can compile a list of questions that are answered by the requestor, usually a marketing team leader.

But before starting to write yours, it's important to gather your thoughts and understand what you're looking to accomplish.

With that, below we've provided a creative brief checklist to help you start.

Just because they are highly effective, doesn’t mean that creative briefs are present in every instance of project planning.

Surveys of ad agency executives have shown that many of the creative briefs used are not clear, and can be incomplete or inconsistent.Before the design process can begin, both you and the designer need to have a clear understanding of all aspects of the project. If you’re presenting the brief in-person (which I highly recommend), think of it as an elevator pitch.Keep your initial run-through short and engaging, but allow time for the designer to ask questions and for conversation regarding next steps.Yes, a creative brief is one more task, but it’s an essential one.If you have a well-made-up creative brief at the front of your project, you’re less likely to have problems as you progress through the life cycle of the work.The answers to these questions will become the template for the creative brief and the whole creative execution of the project.As the project moves forward, the creative brief is always referred to, and any deviation can be identified and addressed.Now that you know what's in a creative brief and have considered the tips I've provided above, it's time to start preparing to write your own brief.You'll see at the bottom of the page we've provided you with a creative brief template to make the process as easy as possible!If you’re writing the design brief for a client or a third-party designer (such as an agency or freelancer), you’ll need to give background information on the company so the designer has an understanding of the business, who you are, and what you do. Ask yourself, ‘Who are you preparing the brief for?For the third party, understanding the client, their background, and their vision is critical to the success of the project. ’ Don’t forget to add necessary information for your client, and/or make sure your designer (whether in-house or a third party) has everything they need to begin the creative process.


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