Critical Analysis Essay On A Worn Path

Critical Analysis Essay On A Worn Path-68
Every Christmas, old Afro-American woman repeatedly goes for a difficult way in order to help her grandson.

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There is also a moment in the story, when old woman cleans her way with the help of her cane parting her way from side to side.In passing tossed detail starts to resonate with unobvious meanings.Sensuality, accuracy and ease of psychological pattern are one of the endearing characteristics of Welty’s prose.In common words, “A Worn Path” is a story about everlasting love and devotion, which leads to the aim. There are enough imageries in this story: First, let us look on the name of main heroine.After the reading of whole story, it is obviously seen that life of old woman is like a life of mystical bird, which is reborn from ash every three thousand years.Eudora Welty is lyrist, according to her character’s talents.She prefers the story to the other literary genres.To sum up, Eudora Welty used the system of imageries in her stories.In this essay, we will discern all imageries, which are met in the story “A Worn Path”.The author of the story wanted to show, that all our life is endless journey. In this story all difficulties, which are met to the Phoenix Jackson, are like dark moments of her life.Contrary to that, her deep love to the grandson is obviously light part in her life. During her way to the town, Phoenix met a snake, which hang on the tree.


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