Critical Essay Funeral Blues

Third stanza is more personal as it is talking about how losing his love will affect him in the short & long term.:)| Posted on 2011-03-31 | by a guest .: :.

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He has only just realised that his lovers death and the end of their relationship was inevitable.

Along with anything else, love will come to an end.This was also the time frame when Adolf Hitler was at large; also there were social troubles in the UK, the claims on the Atlantic and the end of the Great Depression in the US.Other writers like Elliot and Joyce had inner, more interior views of love.Hey all I am doing a analysis of two poems I am deciding on picking funeral blues and we real cool. Both poems are about how one realizes something.| Posted on 2011-05-14 | by a guest .: :.Can I just assert that \"any analysis is good\" is complete nonsense.It can be seen from many angles and like all good poetry is the stronger for its ambiguity. The reader realises just how important the deceased was to W. Just the use of capital letters displays the incredibly close relationship between the two lovers.Ultimately its full meaning is not one dimentional rather it depends on what meaning the reader imposes on the words.| Posted on 2012-05-05 | by a guest .: :. By scribbling this sinister message across the sky, W.I make free educational video tutorials on youtube such as Basic HTML and CSS. well, this poem is about the persona writing about the mourning emotions he encountered whilst the death of his loved one. I struggle with the poem as sarcasm because of how the poem makes me feel on reading it... He commands all happenings such as the tinkling of piano keys and the ringing of a telephone to halt; he believes that everybody should join him in his mourning. Although these people would not normally be associated with mourning, W.It shows the despair and uselessness he felt, in particular, feeling no use in living. it certainly helped me cope with real feelings of distress on the loss of a relationship with a brother. H Auden yet again can only think of his tragic loss and the fact that everybody from far and wide should grieve alongside him.Put crepe bows round the white necks of the public doves, Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves. sibilance \"scribbling on the sky\"| Posted on 2012-07-17 | by a guest .: :.He was my North, my South, my East and West, My working week and my Sunday rest, My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song; I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong. This poem is a very sensitive analysis of the grief felt after the death of a loved one. further to previous comments, the power of this piece, for me, is that (and having experienced grief myself I know this to be true) there is within me on reading it a recognition of how, at the time we feel it, grief is overblown and our world really does feel as though it is ending...


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