Critical Thinking And Argumentation

To give an argument is not necessarily to attack or criticize someone.

Arguments can also be used to support other people's viewpoints. The first two sentences here are the premises of the argument, and the last sentence is the conclusion.

Argument is an activity we all engage in, with varying results, in every walk of life.

Over the last two millennia philosophers have developed powerful methods for classifying arguments, and identifying common errors in reasoning.

The Economist 25 .11.2000 For a long time, astronomers suspected that Europa, one of Jupiter's many moons, might harbour a watery ocean beneath its ice-covered surface. Now the technique used earlier this year to demonstrate the existence of the Europan ocean has been employed to detect an ocean on another Jovian satellite, Ganymede, according to work announced at the recent American Geo-physical Union meeting in San Francisco.

The Economist There are no hard numbers, but the evidence from Asia's expatriate community is unequivocal.

But the baby grew up to be a nasty and cruel person and they regret it very much.

[A chronological description of facts composed of statements but no premise or conclusion.] Can you come to the meeting tomorrow?

The Economist Most mornings, Park Chang Woo arrives at a train station in central Seoul, South Korea's capital. For the moment, middle-aged Mr Park would rather read a newspaper.

He used to be a brick layer for a small construction company in Pusan, a southern port city.


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