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Tip: The way you salute says a lot about you as a military member.A proud, smart salute shows pride in yourself and your unit and that you're confident in your abilities as a soldier." The salute isn't simply an honor exchanged; it's a privileged gesture of respect and trust among military members.

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Military courtesy means good manners and politeness in dealing with other people.

Courteous behavior provides a basis for developing good human relations.

A citizen who wanted to see a public official had to approach with his right hand raised to show that he did not hold a weapon.

Knights in armor raised visors with the right hand when meeting a comrade.

The distinction between civilian and military courtesy is that military courtesy was developed in a military atmosphere and has become an integralpart of serving in uniform. Enlisted personnel are expected to be courteous to officers, and officers are expected to return the courtesy.

Mutual respect is a vital part of military courtesy. As such, they're always addressed politely, using sir or ma'am.

A sloppy salute can mean that you're ashamed of your unit, lack confidence, or, at the very least, haven't learned how to salutecorrectly.

You'll get plenty of practice saluting in basic training, but it wouldn't hurt to practice in front of a mirror several times before you leave so that you can doit correctly automatically.

This is guaranteed to result in a loud tirade abouthow they work for a living.

The history of the salute Some historians believe the hand salute began in late Roman times when assassinations were common.


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