Dependence On Technology Essay

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And many people have been displaced from the production system due to technologically centered division of labor productivity.

Also nowadays driving is automatic, it practically drives itself in that people can't operate on manual cars.

Calculators have also become so popular in school that people can't operate without one even for doing simple calculations with their brains.

And people are addicted to internet and this is a problem as they spend much of their time on the internet other than spending their time on productive activities.

Internet also affects peoples' social lives as they use internet as the principal source of information and communication.

For example the skills of reading maps have been forgotten as now people are using GPS or Map Quest for directions.

People are so dependent on the GPS that when it loses the reception people get lost.

For a long time computers have been all over the place and most households have them.

Internet is the common activity on the computers and the internet is used to expand our information, listen to music, play games, chat and watch videos.

In the united states the rise of technopoly was described by Postman as one that reduces the meaning of religion, history and human life to technique and machinery, cultural life forms being submitted to technology and therefore, depriving the society of its culture, past, social purpose, tranquility and their beliefs.

Unemployment According to Fred Twine (1994), Employment is usually seen as the foundation of independence in the industrial society but many are lowly paid, for some reasons unable to work or even unemployed.


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